Friday, August 21, 2009

Cooking Tips

Planning preserving and preparing:

  • Have a weekly planned menu, so as to ensure the consumption of required food with nutritional value.
  • Prepare a grocery list accordingly.
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables are cheaper and fresh.
  • To make dosai / dosa attractively brown and crisp, add a little sugar to the dosa mixture.
  • To preserve the biscuits crisp, keep a blotting paper in the container and keep it tightly closed.
  • Place an apple with the potatoes to prevent them from budding.
  • Before serving ice cream, keep the serving bowls in the fridge to prevent undesirable quick melting.
  • Add a small piece of beetroot while making tomato puree, to obtain bright red color.
  • Crush ice cubes before putting in the mixer- grinder to avoid damage of the blades.

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